Desserts by Design


1. Two scoops of vanilla Ice-Cream or frozen Yoghurt are placed into the mixing bowl.

Recommended Ice-Cream and Yoghurt temperature is
-15ºC to -18ºC.

2. The customer's choice of fruits, nuts etc. is placed into the mixing bowl.

Recommended fruit temperature is 0ºC to 5ºC. More details...

3. While one hand is depressing the green button, the other hand holds Ice-Cream cone, cup or dish under the mixing bowl. Within 6 seconds the blended semi-hard product is dispensed. The red button returns the auger to the up position.

Profits of 1000% plus are being made through
FLAVORTWIRL low cost ingredients.

Exchange of store credit on all purchases, purchaser must return in 7 days at own expense if not satisfied with our efforts to resolve any problems. If any damages due to shipping, we will replace any damaged parts at no cost to purchaser. All machines have a 12 month warranty. An extended 3 year warranty is available at a 10% up charge on purchase price. "